About us

TAAG is an innovative Ghanaian footwear brand where simplicity meets sophistication. Inspired by the elaborate style of African women, TAAG blends modern minimalism with sophistication to create timeless fashion-forward footwear.


With innovation and inclusivity driving our global-focused brand, our sizing ranges from 36-44 EUR, and our footwear are accessible locally and internationally. The spark in our brand is the unique African female name we give to each footwear. If you are familiar with us, you must be familiar with Samira, Dede, Adobea, Yaaba and our other signature footwear names. 


TAAG is currently the go-to footwear brand across Ghana, with a growing fandom of young vibrant black girls including young professionals, young mothers, students and the young at heart. The TAAG girl is effortless, a go-getter and she carries an aura that speaks volumes. Majority of our girls are return clients who boast having several pairs of TAAGs and consistently attest to the quality and timelessness of our pieces. Our footwear is also gaining increased popularity amongst men as it makes the perfect gift for the girls in their lives. 


With our innovative monthly drops designed and curated in the heart of Accra by a young all-female Ghanaian team, the TAAG vision is to nurture creative homegrown talent and to empower girls to go after their creative dreams.