About us

TAAG is an innovative brand where simplicity meets sophistication. Born in Ghana, we are a female footwear brand dedicated to designing simple, quality shoes that bring out the sophistication in any girl. We create versatile shoes that seamlessly transition from day to night, while being elegant and excellently made, to make you stand out.


Driven by innovation and inclusivity, we offer a wide range of sizes, and our footwear is accessible globally. The spark in our brand is the unique African female name we give to each footwear. If you are familiar with us, you must be familiar with Samira, Dede, Adobea, Yaaba, and our other signature footwear names. These names embody the spirit and identity of our brand, celebrating the diversity and beauty of African girls.


TAAG has garnered a growing fandom of young, vibrant girls, including professionals, mothers, students, and the young at heart. The TAAG girl is stylish, sophisticated, successful, and passionate about her pursuits. She is experienced and accomplished while maintaining her unique sense of style. Many of our girls are repeat clients who proudly own multiple pairs of TAAGs, testifying to the beauty and timelessness of our pieces. Our shoes have also gained popularity among men as the perfect gift for the remarkable girls in their lives.


With our monthly shoe drops designed by a young female team, the TAAG vision extends beyond being just a footwear brand. We aim to nurture female talent and inspire girls to pursue their creative dreams. We are a symbol of female excellence, empowering girls to go after their goals with confidence and style.